#1057: John Cage: City Circus, Program X

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For this, the tenth edition of the John Cage: City Circus programs, hear a live performance in our studio of a work by Wendy Mae Chambers for twelve percussionists, written in memory of John Cage.  It's a voodoo tone poem called "Twelve Squared," where the number of movements was chosen by the chance operations of a tarot card reading.  There's also a choral work by Robert Moran, "Seven Sounds Unseen," introspective settings of passages from letters John Cage wrote to Moran, along with music made by the city of Tokyo in Japan.

PROGRAM #        1057, John Cage/City Circus, Program X  (First aired on 7/13/1994)                                                           





Wendy Mae Chambers

Live at WNYC, July 1994.

12 Squared, in memory of John Cage, for 12 percussionists [26:00]

This performance not commercially available.  The work appears on New World Records #80526

Musica Sacra

Of Eternal Light

Robert Moran: "Seven Sounds Unseen Pt.2" [14:00]

BMG/Catalyst #61822



Cage:"49 Waltzes for Tokyo" (excerpt)[4:30]

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