Élection Présidentielle

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Christopher Dickey, Paris bureau chief for Newsweek magazine and Pascale Richard, editor-in-chief of the US-based France-Amerique look at what's so important about this year's French presidential election for Europe and America.


Christopher Dickey and Pascale Richard

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anton from Bergen County NJ

Not a wordsmith nor a lawyer, I would like to have legislation somehow preventing any hate speech of the sort the anti-gay funeral disrupters and Galliano indulged in recently even as I believe in free speech.

With regards to Musulmans communities in Europe and the USA: much as I think it is good to maintain a cultural connection with one's roots (I was not born in the USA), I also think it is wrong to go to visit your neighbor and begin to rearrange the pictures in their living room. Accept what is in your neighbors' house and have the pictures at home as you like them.

Mar. 11 2011 11:34 AM
Bilou from nyc

just one thing, how come a big CEO was able to walk away with 8 millions euros after 2 years in service when this same company is laying off workers? How is this going to help France and the french? how it this going to help unemployment. This is monnaie courante in the states, but in France??? How Mr sarkozy is going to handle the press and the media when already he sent a letter from the minister to Plantu when Plantu had the "audacity" to draw some fly over Sarko's head since it was well known that Mr Nicolas was reaching for the vote of the extreme right? All I'm saying is we should think hard, picture the france Sarkozy has to offer compare to the one Miss Royal is offering to all of us.

May. 04 2007 08:47 AM
khadija from NYC

Love Brian's program, which I listen to,"religiously", quotidiennement...However, on the French Elections piece yesterday, I was somewhat disappointed. D'abord, c'est Bonjour et/ou Bonsoir NOT Bon Matin (Oh Brian!!!). Further, Pascale was exquisite in her effort to favor neither candidate; after all, l'Alliance Francaise does receive some state funding from La Republique. Pascale's gig may depend on the generosity of the Gouvernement de France.

Further, re-debate, there are cultural nuances which neither your crew nor you may have perceived.

I am a product of French education (I am from a former colony). I may say to you, Je suis revoltee (revulsed); or "Je suis en colere" (I am Furious", etc... Translation oblige. I was soooo happy with the American in Paris' comments.He knows that of which he spoke. And I am a former 68 eighter. I remember, as do most of my generation. Entretemps, on verra, n'est-ce pas?
khadija (Brooklyn, via Maroc)

May. 03 2007 07:46 PM
Raphael BENABOU from Manhasset NY

I think we should avoid applying to the French political context the (in my view false) dichotomy "right/left" taken for granted in the US.

In France, nobody (on the left or on the right) questions universal health care, accepts as normal the firing of long-term employees at will or the right of citizens to carry semi-automatic weapons.

My statements below should not be construed as supporting Sarkozy or Royal though I lean more to the left (French context.

As I see it, Sarkozy does not want to dismantle the government as Bush has done it here. He does want to inject more business-oriented measures in a heavily state driven economy. Royal is more the traditional socialist, protective of worker and people rights.

She is in fact "conservative" (of the current socialistic French society) and he is the reformer (more private business, less state economy).

Few in France are bothered by Royal not being married to the father of her children and Sarkozy is not campaigning against abortion as the 3-wife Juliani is. No right-wing politician in Frabnce denies climate change or derides conservation.

So "right/left" US style is not meaningful in France, as Sarkozy would actually be to the left of Kennedy and still be called a fascist because he sounds like Juliani.

From a French point of view, to the extent that not a single, significant American politician stands against capitalism, they are all the right.

May. 03 2007 12:06 PM

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