Bracing for the Nor'easter, Just Days After Sandy

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Just when it seemed it couldn’t get any worse for people devastated by Sandy, a nor’easter is set to hit the East Coast, bringing with it rain, wind, and snow.

The full force of the storm isn’t set to hit until Wednesday, but already it’s brought with it freezing temperatures that will continue to dip in the coming days.

How is it possible to brace for what’s ahead when recovery has barely begun on what’s passed? And in the midst of all this, will anyone in the affected areas even have the motivation or ability to vote? 

Jodi Jordan lives in Far Rockaway, New York. Her house is still filled with water and sewage from Sandy and she’s staying in a one-bedroom apartment with eight other people as she tries to salvage her home. 

Lauren Cook lives in Mountainside, New Jersey and has been without power ever since Sandy hit. Her roof was damaged by the storm, and her cars were trapped by fallen trees.