New York City's Tech Sector Recovers After Sandy

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New Tech City's Manoush Zomorodi talks with the Rachel Haot, New York City's Chief Digital Officer, about how the city and the tech scene fared during Sandy.  How is the community and the city responding, and what did they learn from the storm?

Much of the city’s tech sector is located below 39th Street in Manhattan and in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood which both experienced flooding and power outages from the storm. As Hoat’s office reached out to these companies she said what she saw showed her the strength of the sector.

“The number one response we received when we reached out to many technology companies was ‘We’re fine, we’re managing, we’ve created workarounds, we’ve set up shop so we’re able to work remotely,’” she recalled, “and ‘what can we do to help, how can we volunteer, and how can we give back.’”

Haot notes that once recovery efforts are done, her office will be evaluating how they can prevent problems like the ones Sandy presented from happening in the future, such as creating multiple redundancies, working on data recovery and ensuring that data centers have support so they can stay on line.

She thinks that will position New York’s tech industry to be “more resilient” going forward.