The Tech Scene Post-Sandy and How Tech Is Helping To Get Out the Vote

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Sandy turned the New York City metropolitan area into a low tech region last week. The storm knocked out power, cut internet access and limited phone service throughout the tri-state region.

For many in the tech scene, it caused additional damage, flooding data centers and the offices of start-up companies.

New Tech City talks with the Rachel Haot, the New York City’s Chief Digital Officer, about how Sandy affected the city’s tech companies and infrastructure.

It’s also Election Day, and it could be a confusing one.  Sandy only further complicated recent redistricting, by knocking out power to several polling centers.  Does your polling station have power?  Is it a shelter?  Host Manoush Zomorodi talks with Jed Alpert, CEO of Brooklyn-based Mobile Commons, about its national text messaging campaign to help the election process.