Selected Shorts: Warm and Cozy

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An old-fashioned waitress, and a poet at high tide, in stories by an American master and a contemporary Irish writer.

“Bayonne,” was one of the first stories John Cheever ever published in The New Yorker—among a record 121 over his lifetime—and was the result of a bet with his friend the editor Malcolm Cowley.  The title refers to the nickname of the central figure, a waitress defending her turf.  Cheever’s many published works include The Enormous Radio and Other Stories, The Housebreaker of Shady Hill and Other Stories, The Stories of John Cheever, and the novel The Wapshot Chronicle.

The reader of “Bayonne” is Mary Kay Place, who starred as Loretta Haggers in the television series “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman,” as well as on the series “Big Love.”   Place made her SELECTED SHORTS debut reading this piece in Los Angeles at the Getty Center.  

Next, Kevin Barry’s “Fjord of Killary” features a poet with writer’s block try to become a publican, with hilarious results.  Fittingly, on this weekend when many in our listening area living with the impact of Hurricane Sandy, the setting is the storm-tossed West of Ireland, and as the flood tides rise, so do the spirits of the morose host, and the motley crew of regulars at the bar, whose salty remarks go hand in hand with the weather.  The reader is Tony Award-winner James Naughton, getting his Irish on.

The author, Kevin Barry, was born in Limerick, Ireland, and now lives in Dublin.  He was awarded the Rooney Prize for Irish Literature for his collection There Are Little Kingdoms.  His most recent work is the novel The City of Bohane.   

The SELECTED SHORTS theme is David Peterson's “That's the Deal,” performed by the Deardorf/Peterson Group.

“Bayonne,” by John Cheever, performed by Mary Kay Place

“Fjord of Killary,” by Kevin Barry, performed by James Naughton 

The SELECTED SHORTS theme is David Peterson's “That's the Deal,” performed by the Deardorf/Peterson Group.

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