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Friday, November 02, 2012

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WNYC reporters Brigid Bergin and Anna Sale report on the state of voting machines and other election day logistics in storm-damaged New York and New Jersey.


Brigid Bergin and Anna Sale

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kc from Massapequa

I live in Massapequa and voted this morning with my partner and a friend. After we signed in but before we voted, a poll worker asked our name (again) and what party we were registered with. That question made my husband (and all of us)very uncomfortable. What is the reason for the question and why did he write down our names and party affiliation?

Nov. 06 2012 12:44 PM
Jon C from E Village

Just an update to say the usual non-storm voting issues are still here! For districts 54, 55, 58, 59 and others near Union Sq/E Village, the new voting center at NYU's Palladium had non-moving lines for more than an hour, some way more, 13 people failed to show up to work the polls apparently--and all three vote scanning machines weren't functioning. So literally hundreds if not thousands of people were sliding their paper ballots into the emergency slot in one machine. Don't see how that will last the day. Supposedly they will all be scanned later today but it seems impossible that it's technically feasible with any accuracy. People were getting pissy but the poll workers were admirably unfazed.

Nov. 06 2012 10:33 AM
Jill Arbuckle from Little Falls, Passaic County, NJ

The "e-mail voting" in NJ is way more complicated than it sounds. They say "download the ballot application & e-mail to county clerk". First, the application is not interactive; you have to print it, fill it out, scan it back in. That needs above basic computer skills, and a working printer/scanner.

Then you need to e-mail it. But the list they show for your county clerk info has only phone and fax numbers, not the e-mail address!

I live in Passaic County. I got the clerk's e-mail address by going to the county website, County Clerk department. I submitted my application at 9pm Saturday night. County election workers are supposed to be working through the weekend. As of 3:30pm Sunday, I have not received a ballot.

For most of us, the alternate suggestion, to go to the county office and vote early, in person, is an unkind joke. We have no gas; how could we drive there?

Please alert your listeners not to count on the e-mail option. Go to your regular polling place, and if it has no power, and no offer to take you to an alternate polling place, demand that a way to vote - by paper ballot if necessary - be provided.

If you need a ride, phone the local political organization of your choice; they have volunteers who are even now waiting in long lines for gasoline, so they can drive voters to the polls come Tuesday.

Jill Arbuckle, long-time WNYC member, faithful Brian Lehrer listener.

Nov. 04 2012 03:57 PM
Cathy from Hoboken,NJ

How is it that no one is calling for election day to be postponed? How is this considered a fair election? Many cities like Hoboken will still not have power restored by Tuesday which is election day. How will we vote? I have heard talk of polls being open in our county courthouse or of paper ballots being distributed by the National Guard.Neither sounds very accessible or feasible. Aven if there were power at the polls, people are under so much duress, may have lost their car or other transportation, and have missed so much work that it would be hard for them to go. And it seems like this is all concentrated in the blue states. The red states have more early voting and are not affected by Sandy! Even if Obama wins the electoral college because we are solid blue states, he could lose the popular vote only because so many are not able to vote in these states. This should be a HUGE issue!

Nov. 02 2012 11:09 AM
Jack Jackson from Central New Jersey


Why is my biggest fear that the likelihood of some plumber-like hanky-panky will 'generate' votes for Mitt and Paul in Hurricane Sandy damaged districts? Can we have WNYC's commitment to track down voting patterns that are outside of the most recent polling?

The party with the most recent history of registration fraud and election tampering is the GOP [my opinion]. I would like to trust them but I just cannot. It wouldn't be prudent.

Nov. 02 2012 09:57 AM

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