Cuomo: Helicopter Survey of Sandy Damage ‘Disturbing’

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Governor Andrew Cuomo took a helicopter tour of areas devastated from Hurricane Sandy, along with New York's Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. He says the state faces "significant" challenges to rebuild, and will have to "fundamentally" rethink  New York City's infrastructure going forward.

Cuomo organized a helicopter tour of locations particularly hurt by Sandy, including Breezy Point, where a massive fire destroyed  over 100 homes and Long Beach, Long Island, where the beach has eroded completely away and houses are flooded. He also saw JFK airport, where planes have been grounded for days.

Afterward, Cuomo, who visited disaster sites when he was HUD Secretary under President Bill Clinton, says he's never seen New York like this.

"It is very disturbing and sad and troubling to see the amount of damage done and the lives that have been disrupted," said Cuomo, who added he found sights of devastation at Breezy Point , Long Beach and Fire Island "breathtaking"

Senator Chuck Schumer says he's confident that federal money and assistance from FEMA is coming.

"It's one of the biggest disasters to have ever struck this state, and even this country," said Schumer. "The federal response has to measure that scope."

MTA Chair Joe Lhota says public transportation is slowly coming back to life, some subway lines are open, buses are being ramped up to full service, and commuter lines Metro North and the Long Island Rail Road are opening on a limited basis.  And he says workers are still trying to get the water out of numerous tunnels, with the help of the special federal unwatering team.

"We're going switch by switch, signal by signal, power substation by power substation," said Lhota, who said the ultimate goal is to restore service "even better."

Governor Cuomo says the state and city will have to build back better, in anticipation of what he says is likely more coastal storm flooding in the future.  He says he'll be convening meetings on how to do that shortly.  The governor, who's stated already that he believes extreme weather occurrences are here to stay, skirted the line on what's become a political controversy over global warming.

"People will debate whether or not there is climate change," said Cuomo. "That's a whole political debate that I don't want to get into."

Cuomo say he instead wants to discuss the "frequency of extreme weather situations," which he says is "way up."

But Senator Schumer was not reluctant to jump right in.

"There are a group of people in Washington right now who just deny the truth," said Schumer who says he believes there is a "relationship" between the frequent extreme storms "an what's going on in the atmosphere."

Schumer, along with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, also  delved deeper into the politics in Washington, where some Republican conservatives have proposed cutting FEMA and other government disaster aid programs.
"That's the wrong set of priorities," Gillibrand said.

After the briefing, Cuomo was back in the helicopter for another tour of more devastated regions, including the Robert Moses State Park at Jones Beach, where the sand has now disappeared.

Cuomo has also written a letter to President Obama, asking for the federal government to reimburse the state for 100 percent of response and recovery costs. The total expense is expected to reach into the billions of dollars.


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Truthtruth from 1smallworld

No Halloween parade, just fat, egoist, pedophile cops, gorillas and their boys eating pizza and directing traffic when lights were out.

Nov. 18 2012 02:49 PM
1world from 1world more than 220,000 pedestrian, vehicle victims on NYC streets since 95. Government using dews to flip cars over embankments, into stores, into other cars, onto sidewalks into people etc... New world order vampirescontinue to seek more victims daily. Nazi cultists cabal destroying earth and it's free people.

Nov. 18 2012 02:41 PM

Global Subhuman government, and its military using weather weapons to destroy, kill, civilian populations for their luxury hotels, and evil underground, undersea bases. $30,000.00 pittance given to sandy human disaster victims, lives, homes destroyed, worth well over $200,00.00 each victims true compensation. Victims of these fema disaster induced events need good legal representation for what was deliberately done to them. No tents, no internment camps, no food lines, no more victims of government crimes.

Nov. 18 2012 07:23 AM
Oneonetruth from Oneoneearth

Dews used on many benches, lampposts, fences, throughout downtown manhattan, especially after storms, and sandy, uplifting, slashing, tearing limbs from trees. Seems the military have nothing better to do than break, melt, bend, cut stuff. Criminals.

Nov. 15 2012 10:19 AM
Truth from Small planet world

Verizon, raytheon, Lockheed Martin microwave radiation repeaters, transmitters, on almost every residential blocks roofs in NYC, and it's boroughs. These anti human weather weapon systems work along with nano metals dumped from planes, and act along with haarp, tesla death ray technology to cause hurricanes, as the navy drops intentional tsunami bombs for Rockefeller on innocent human populations, he thinks is funny. Look to weather radar maps called NEXRAD to see the weather manipulation ongoing in the USA. You would think after sandy some of these would be removed, unplugged, or turned off, to save electricity as most of them are old, and leak.

Nov. 15 2012 06:44 AM
11truth from Small earth

Notice how quickly the military was sent to sandy, because the op was planned way in advance to take NYC, and it's vicinity out. Don't be surprised if they try it again, because they stink.

Nov. 14 2012 05:21 PM
One1truth from G-d's planet earth

Before the world trade centers were built in 1968-1972 by Rockefeller he was asked to build them in the 1940s but waited. Rockefeller could not wait to take out the wtc with the thermonuclear plowshare operation devices planted under it and orchestrate the shoot em up at the empire state building, which harbors an underground base entrance. Hitlery continues to order the hits on coastlines for nasty evil Et underground and undersea bases ridding the planet of smelly humans. Humans take cover, do not expect anti humans who deliberately attack you to help you.

Nov. 14 2012 02:57 PM
One1truth from Planet small

Who can and will stop anti humans from continuing their destruction of planet earth and its inhabitants?

Nov. 14 2012 01:40 PM
1truth from Small world

Subhuman Lockheed martin, raytheon, verizon, north com, cent com, microwave directed energy weapons, manmade haarp, British empire, globalist demons, pentagon, military, CIA, FBI, death, depopulation program, anti human, British empire navy tsunami bombs, nypd, fdny, tyrannical sick, stupid fire bombing, control programs, of starvation, artificial scarcity, planned obsolescence, suppressed technology, cfr, trilateralists, united nations, bilderbergs, nazi internment camps, control, death, evil aliens, end of world.

Nov. 14 2012 12:49 PM
Onetruth1 from Smallplanet

No natural disasters, all manmade

Nov. 14 2012 12:32 PM
Truth1 from Earth

Subhuman, Intentional, deliberate, weather weapons of globalist Nazis take out new Orleans, Katrina, Szechuan china, miyagi Fukushima, Tokyo japan, chile, chirstchurch, Haiti, sandy, etc... Depopulation program of humans by nasty, cultists, wolves in sheeps clothing illuminati, satanists, Vatican assassins, British empire, demo, republs, of the usa trilateralist, NATO, united nations, cfr, bilderberg demons. these programs are being used to starve, displace, maim, kill humans for experimentation, housing in tents, internment camps, by ruthless war mongering government tyrants for subhuman king of the world swamp monsters who eat humans, like the annunaki Obama from the destroyer planet x nibiru. Humans rise up, against this illegal anti human death agenda, your leaders DNA need checking as they are not human, and believe the human race inferior and that humans smell.

Nov. 14 2012 11:55 AM
nycosmo from ny

The photo is Robert Moses State Park and not, as labeled in this article "Aerial view of Jones Beach, where the sand has been washed away. (Office of the Governor)

Nov. 04 2012 11:46 PM

Dont be so quick to write it off....nature has a way of coming back. It just depends on how much the State is willing to do to make the repairs necessary. Hundreds of thousands of people love to visit the's so I important that the repairs be made.

Nov. 04 2012 10:05 PM
Mr. Harrison from south shore, LI

Your photograph on the upper part of the article is incorrectly captioned as showing an aerial photo of Jones Beach. That is the water tower and traffic circle for FIRE ISLAND, most notabley because the bridge is adjacent to the traffic circle on Fire Island.

Nov. 04 2012 08:01 PM
Eileen from CT

RIP Robert Moses State Park My best childhood memories were at your shore. I presently live out of state, one of my children turned 18 this fall and will leave home for college. Robert Moses State park was on my bucket list of things to do with my children before they leave me, so they may do it with their own children. My kids and I enjoyed the surf, the white sandy smooth soft beach on your feet, it's yester year charm , its wildness, it was indeed a quite humble treasure that only the locals frequented. We were going to possible buy a small home for visiting Robert Moses. I do hope they can revive it. I feared Robert Moses would not always be there because of the beach erosion due to climate change and the constant use of fossil fuels that I feel are responsible for the global warming. It's just still a depressing jolt for it to be all gone in less than three months since I we played there.

Nov. 03 2012 12:20 AM

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