Errol Morris Gives Us 'Eleven Excellent Reasons Not to Vote'

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'I Promise to Vote' pins.
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American exceptionalism resounds through both the Republican and Democratic campaigns this year, and Americans are unique — in that only about half of us vote in presidential elections. 

Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris details a few reasons why in his recent op-doc on The New York Times, "11 Excellent Reasons Not to Vote?": apathy, the Electoral College calculations that force candidates to focus on only a few key swing states, Washington gridlock.

One young American who does plan to vote explains why some of his peers choose not to: "Even if one candidate looks really slimy and the other looks like a demigod, I don't know what will happen if that slimy one comes to power; I don't know what issues he will face. But I do know that everything will continue to clunk along."

Of course, Morris says, there are myriad reasons to show up to the polls on November 6th, though he explains, "I don’t know what, in the end, forces me to vote. It could be fear; it could be guilt. Although my mother died over 10 years ago, I feel that she is watching me, and I don’t want to disappoint her."