John Cage: City Circus, Program IX

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From the New Sounds archives, this is the ninth program in a series celebrating the life and legacy of John Cage, who would have been 100 this year.  Every Wednesday until the end of November, we’re bringing you these archival “John Cage: CityCircus” programs. For this show, hear a live studio performance by Margaret Leng Tan of Cage's prepared piano music for a 1950 film about the sculptor Alexander Calder.  Plus, music by Erik Satie and more.

PROGRAM #        1056, John Cage/Citycircus, Program IX  (First aired on 7/06/1994)                                                           





Margaret Leng Tan

Live at WNYC, July 1994.

Burgess Meredith/John Cage: "Works of Calder" [17:00]


This performance not commercially available.  The film score appears on Mode Records 106

Margaret Leng Tan & Darynn Zimmer

Live at WNYC, July 1994.

Erik Satie "Je Te Veux" [7:00]


This performance not commercially available.

John Cage/        

Margaret Leng Tan

Daughters of the   Lonesome Isle        

Bacchanale [8:00] 

New Albion 70

The Barton Workshop

Plays John Cage     

Five, excerpt   [3:00]

Et Cetera #KTC 3002
Available at,, iTunes.

Jackson MacLow    

Open Secrets       

Phoneme Dance In Memoriam John Cage [5:00]  

Xi Recordings XI #110. Experimental Intermedia
Available at