Hurricane Sandy's Election Impact

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The 2012 election is just six days away, and voters in swing states like Virginia, Pennsylvania, and even as far west as Ohio are still reeling from Hurricane Sandy. Flooding and felled trees continue to block roads, and millions of people are still without power. 

How might Hurricane Sandy impact affect early voting, and voter turnout on election day?

The New York State Board of Elections notes on its website that, "Due to Hurricane Sandy, poll site information for the November 6, 2012 election may change." Anna Sale, reporter for It's A Free Country, Takeaway co-producer WNYC's politics website, explains that, while Virginia voters will be allowed to vote absentee because of the Hurricane, the same rules do not apply for New York voters.

Hurricane Sandy also closed early voting stations in Maryland and in Washington on Monday and Tuesday this week, and canceled poll worker training in parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Todd Zwillich is The Takeaway's Washington correspondent.