Opinion: Why the Romney Surge is Real

Friday, October 26, 2012 - 01:51 PM

Mitt Romney speaks during a debate with Pres. Barack Obama in 2012. (NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/GettyImages)

When Mitt Romney is elected the 45th President of the United States in 11 days, historians and scholars will look back to the 1st presidential debate in Denver, Colorado as the pivotal point in the race.

For several months prior, the Obama campaign had spent hundreds of millions of dollars seeking to destroy the character of the former Massachusetts Governor rather than run on a record that had largely failed to keep many of the “Hope and Change” promises from four years ago.  When both candidates for president appeared before 70 million of their fellow citizens for the first presidential debate in Denver, the contrast between the two men could not have been more apparent.

Rather than appearing as the heartless plutocrat content to enact tax cuts for the rich while causing cancer patients to lose their health care coverage and die, the former Massachusetts Governor appeared confident, knowledgeable, upbeat and capable of governing the country.  More revealingly, Americans were able to witness an exchange between two candidates without media spin, soothing words uttered from a teleprompter or pre-screened audience members who would swoon and cheer on cue.

More than anything else, the American people were able to see the real Barack Obama – a man they had never seen before.  The Obama on stage at the Denver debate was listless, arrogant and gave the distinct impression that he wanted to be anywhere than on the stage with Governor Romney.  To this point, the president’s disdain and dislike for his republican opponent was palpable – the sunny embodiment of Hope and Change was nowhere to be seen that evening.

Worst of all for the president, the former Massachusetts Governor came to the debate prepared. Prepared to discuss the serious issues facing America, prepared to outline his vision of leadership and prepared to confront the president on promises he made which had not been kept.  While Romney was respectful to the office of the President, he was not intimidated to debate the current occupant of the Oval Office about which man had the better vision and temperament to lead the country for the next four years.

In 90 minutes, the current president looked small when compared to the confident man who sought to replace him.  While Obama looked tired and went through the motions of what his second term would entail, Romney looked excited by the prospect to guide America and was specific about his goals and aspirations. 

In one night, the entire direction of the campaign had changed: the mirage of Obama’s invincibility had been irretrievably shattered.  In offices, hair salons and water coolers across the country, the conversation shifted from the inevitable re-election of President Obama to what four years of a Romney Administration would mean America.

In my mind, there is only one reason why the Romney surge is real: On October 3, 2012 millions of Americans watched the two leaders who sought to be the next President of the United States. One man was likeable and offered a strong path forward to American excellence and the other man was not and did not.





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RUCB_Alum from Central New Jersey

Ron -

Any thoughts on the suitability of the RNC candidate for the White House in light of that post-election conference call? Can you answer the question "What makes any man with such low regard for so much of the American populace think he would make a good President?".

I'd like to respect Romney's point of view but it seems to be based on such winger BS that I find it very difficult not think that the country dodged a bullet with the results of 11/6/2012.

Nov. 23 2012 11:50 AM
RUCB_Alum from Central New Jersey

"Worst of all for the president, the former Massachusetts Governor came to the debate prepared." lie his ass off. Hell, more than half the audience was listening to him for the first time that night, so how were they going to know that most of what he was saying was not congruent with other statements he had made during the race? How would they know that he was just saying what he needed to say in order to get their vote? Who was going to tell the voter that Romney was lying? The Press? The Press's approval rating is lower than Congress'!

Nov. 01 2012 06:45 PM
Susan Bloomenstein from Englewood, NJ

Romney supporters are just practicing wishful thinking when they think he will be elected President
Obama is on the road to re-election and lucky for all of us that he is

Oct. 28 2012 02:00 PM

People who chose a candidate based on ONE debate - are just as poorly educated and think this is some kind of Singing contest with people voting for someone who can blast out a song. When voting one must consider many different aspects of this election and our country's problems. Many people seem to vote based on just one issue - Israel, or abortion. Or avoiding paying their fair share of taxes. . These are difficult times - terrorism, economic problems, health issues, and who will lead the country and chose new members for the Supreme Court. Our present Court has helped distort the whole election process by their "Citizens United" decision. Do we want more of that? Do we want a wholesale dismantling of the last 50 years of law and protection? I don't. I'm voting for Obama and the Democrats.

Oct. 28 2012 09:52 AM
RUCB_Alum from Central New Jersey

The Irony Police were called in after Romney's third debate statement, "Attacking the opponent is not an agenda, Mr. President.".

They could not make an arrest because there was no there who matched Romney's description.

Oct. 28 2012 09:46 AM
Shadeed Ahmad from New York City

The Romney surge is real because all too many Americans have short memories and are gullible when it comes to accepting the lies and promises that make up the tired and democracy bankrupt two party system, enslaving the United States and its ambitions of old glory.

Oct. 28 2012 03:06 AM

In the last several decades, the happier and most positive of the two Presidential candidates always wins.
That was Obama in 2008 and now it is Romney in 2012.

Oct. 28 2012 12:13 AM
Marianne Laudati from West Palm Beach, FL

An excellent analysis, Ron. That night America had it's first opportunity to see through the false persona the Obama campaign had fabricated of Romney, and we also finally got to see the real Obama. Thank God! And thank you!

Oct. 27 2012 03:06 PM
Paul from NYC

New polls back Ron up. Romney has surged again in the Gallup poll. Romney was only up 3% a couple of days ago... now he's up 5% (Sat. Oct.27). And more importantly, he's over the 51% mark. That's statistically significant. Late undecided voters always go to the challenger. And that seems to me the case here also.

Oct. 27 2012 02:25 PM

Ok, I realized I just wasted 5 minutes of my life on this utterly superficial piece. And now I'm wasting more time commenting on it. I just want to say that the fact that all you have as an argument to elect Romney is that he "appeared confident", "came prepared", and "looked excited" just shows how weak this candidate is.
His "vision" is simply to become president, I don't see any other "vision" that is inspiring Romney to run. He has no credibility, having changed his position on just about every issue to appeal to the most right wing folks of his party. He attacks Obama for instituting a health care reform that is just about identical to the one he instituted when he was governor.
In my opinion, both candidates would make great presidents, however, the political system is so bankrupt that none of them will be able to do what is their "vision". The debates were utterly devoid of any controversial issue, such as climate change, the shenanigans on Wall Street, the prison-industrial complex, the military-industrial complex, the abject failure of the war against drugs, the abject failure of our gun laws, the ever increasing inequality in our society, etc. pp.

Oct. 26 2012 09:54 PM
David Clark

Uninstalling Obama – █████████████▒▒▒ 90% complete

Oct. 26 2012 04:34 PM
Wendell N. Ball from New Jersey

Your story is prejudicial. You're going along lines of political favoritism and hope. The fact is that none of the polls are showing a surge. I have tracked many of them. President Obama is leading in the swing states in many polls. What people like you fail to remember is that there is a large Hispaic population in Arizona, Texas, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico and other states that favor Obama heavily. They are not be surveyed. In addition, you are discounting the Asian, Caribbean and Muslim American vote. Should I add women who Republicans have no respect for? Should I add college students? Look at the map. Obama will win Michigan, California, New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, Washington State, Illinois, and a host of others.

Oct. 26 2012 02:06 PM

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