Music From the North


Hear some Icelandic electronic chamber music with a delicate undercurrent of minimalism from the young Olafur Arnalds on this New Sounds.  The rest of this Northern edition of the show includes music from Norway and Sweden, and more from Iceland.

We’ll listen to the Arnalds record, "And they have escaped the weight of darkness," along with the inventive Swedish keyboard trio, EST.  Also, there's music from another piano trio, the Helge Lien Trio, and their record “Hello Troll.”  Plus, more music from Iceland by way of Australia, courtesy of Ben Frost. Frost lives and works in Iceland and incorporates what might sound like sheets of ice and wolves into his piece, “Leo Needs a New Pair of Shoes.”  Rounding out the show is music not-from-the-north by ex-Pop Will Eat Itself member Clint Mansell, played by Scottish band Mogwai and Kronos Quartet.

PROGRAM #3093, New Music from the North (First aired on Fri. 7/2/10)                                





Olafur Arnalds

...And They Have Escaped The Weight Of Darkness

Gleypa okkur [5:34]

Erased Tapes ERATP 022

e.s.t. (esbjörn svensson trio)


Tuesday Wonderland

Fading Maid Preludium [4:09]

Emarcy B0008613
Available at*

Ben Frost

By the Throat

Leo Needs a New Pair of Shoes [7:04]

Bedroom Community HVALUR6

Susanna and the musical orchestra


Another day (Roy Harper) [3:56]

Rune Grammofon 2090

Helge Lien Trio

Hello Troll

Radio [7:24]

Ozella  OZ 021

Kronos Quartet & Mogwai

The Fountain

Clint Mansell: Death is the Road to Awe [8:26]

Nonesuch 79901

Ensemble Klang

Peter Adriaansz

Wave 3 [11:21]