Judy Collins Presents Wildflowers

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Judy Collins joins David Garland to talk about her landmark album "Wildflowers." In 1967 singer Judy Collins wanted to make an album that would take her and her listeners to new musical territory. Collins' earliest albums (her first was released in 1961) featured traditional American folk songs, but she was starting to sing a more adventurous, eclectic array of material. Her album "Wildflowers" featured music by two remarkable songwriters who hadn't yet had much exposure: Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen. And Collins' own remarkable songs were first heard on the album. 

The orchestrations provided by Joshua Rifkin give the album a timeless quality, and though "Wildflowers" even yielded a hit song in "Both Sides Now," the album as a whole is just as daring and romantic as Collins intended it to be. In this show Judy Collins reflects on the experience of making "Wildflowers," and presents some of its exquisite songs.