Open Phones: Worldwide Debate Reactions

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mentioned during last night's debate: Libya, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Mali, Russia, China, as well as "Latin America." Immigrants from around the world: How did it sound to you and how did it play in your country of origin? What country was not mentioned? Call 212-433-9692 or post here!

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Dennis Burroughs from Weehawken, NJ

The lady with the 30ft sailboat in her driveway. She can claim the sailboat as salvage and sell it back to the owner to pay the bill to get it lifted up off of her driveway. She will need a crane !

Oct. 31 2012 11:59 AM

Greece and its people are wonderful and I reccomend visiting that great country. That said, Greece's economic problems are due to corrupts and tax evasion. Compound that with cheap credit and its spells diaster. The US though in economic distress, is in no way similiar to Greece. If so then its a global ecomonic catastrophe.

Oct. 23 2012 11:51 AM
Henry from Katonah

Thanks to George in Flushing. I too am sick of the GOP using Greece as an object lesson without providing discussion of Europe's real problems. ( I suppose the Dems could try that kind of discussion too, but they aren't the ones screaming about Greece.) As a real economist ( Paul Krugman ) says , without our common currency, Alabama or any of many low GSP states (which are mostly Republican) would be the US's Greece.

Oct. 23 2012 11:51 AM
Christine from Westchester

George from Greece: we love Greeks, don't mistake that but no one in the US wants to wind up like Greece. If its so super there, why are you here?

Oct. 23 2012 11:43 AM
Drew from Brooklyn

Neither side discussed the economic growth of Latin America, and how that growth could help America down the road. Both sides still view Latin America as a collection of third world countries when they are actually economically developing nations such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia. It's important to reach out to Latin America before it falls under the influence of China, Russia, or Iran.

Oct. 23 2012 11:41 AM

Isn't this the irony of the "horses and bayonetts" comment: "'Horse Soldier' Statue Near One World Trade Center Honors U.S. Troops Who Led Afghanistan Invasion" 10/22/12???

Oct. 23 2012 11:32 AM
Truth & Beauty from Brooklyn

My husband is from India. He watched last night's debate and his impression is that Mitt is a liar and an idiot. Unfortunately, he is not yet eligible to vote, but he'd vote Obama.

Also, I work in a business in which I am the only person who was born in the US, and everyone here supports Obama.

Oct. 23 2012 11:27 AM
Tony from Canarsie

Whoever chose last night's debate questions needed to look at a globe. The world is much larger than just the three regions discussed, and superficially at that.

Oct. 23 2012 10:58 AM
RJ from prospect hts

It didn't make any impact on immigration issues at all. Romney tried to prove he knows about the world outside the U.S. and Obama wanted to excite the supporters who've been so disappointed that he didn't slam back at Romney--to say the snap backs that everyone's been wanting. Because now it's down to an unavoidable choice, and ground troops is Obama's strength. He needs to rev them up.

Oct. 23 2012 10:36 AM

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