#1056: John Cage: City Circus, Program IX

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From the New Sounds archives, this is the ninth program in a series celebrating the life and legacy of John Cage, who would have been 100 this year.  Every Wednesday at 10pm until the end of November, we’re bringing you these archival “John Cage: CityCircus” programs. For this show, hear a live studio performance by Margaret Leng Tan of Cage's prepared piano music for a 1950 film about the sculptor Alexander Calder.  Plus, music by Erik Satie and more.

PROGRAM #        1056, John Cage/Citycircus, Program IX  (First aired on 7/06/1994)                                                           





Margaret Leng Tan

Live at WNYC, July 1994.

Burgess Meredith/John Cage: "Works of Calder" [17:00]


This performance not commercially available.  The film score appears on Mode Records 106

Margaret Leng Tan & Darynn Zimmer

Live at WNYC, July 1994.

Erik Satie "Je Te Veux" [7:00]


This performance not commercially available.

John Cage/        

Margaret Leng Tan

Daughters of the   Lonesome Isle        

Bacchanale [8:00] 

New Albion 70

The Barton Workshop

Plays John Cage     

Five, excerpt   [3:00]

Et Cetera #KTC 3002
Available at Amazon.com, Emusic.com, iTunes.

Jackson MacLow    

Open Secrets       

Phoneme Dance In Memoriam John Cage [5:00]  

Xi Recordings XI #110. Experimental Intermedia
Available at Amazon.com