George Carlin Could Get His Way

The community board in Morningside Heights compromised Thursday to approve a measure that would rename a part of 121st Street after comedian George Carlin.

The portion of the block where Carlin grew up would not be renamed — but a portion farther east side would be. Community Board 9 voted 25-4 in favor of the measure with three abstentions.

Comedian Kevin Bartini has spearheading the year-long effort to have the street renamed for Carlin, who died in 2008.

“Had George Carlin grown up even in New Jersey, he would not have been the George Carlin that we all love,” he said.

Bartini first petitioned to have the block between Broadway and Amsterdam, where Carlin once lived, co-named. But a church on that block, Corpus Christi, opposed the plan, saying the foul-mouthed social satirist was anti-religious and advocated for drug-use.

The community board voted instead to co-name a stretch farther east, between Amsterdam and Morningside Drive, which the church isn't opposing

The renaming now goes to the City Council.