City Puts the Brake on Longboard Race

The annual unauthorized Broadway Bomb longboard race has been officially cancelled this year. A New York judge granted the city’s application to stop the race on the grounds that the race lacks the required parade permit.

The city also charged that participants in the race, whose slogan is “You Could Die,” ride the longboards — longer variants of a skateboard — recklessly and block traffic during the nearly 8 mile race down Broadway.

But race organizer Ian Nichols aims to bring back the race next year with a permit. He said he wants to make the race official.

“Last year we had a wonderful reception from everyone whose day was, you know, stopped because they couldn't cross the street,” he recalled. “They were ended up cheering us on, you know, and so I think that uh the city — not only the longboarders —but the city loves things like this.”

Nichols co-founded the Broadway Bomb race ten years ago, with 14 people taking part. Almost 1,800 people were registered for the race that was to take place Saturday.