Three Apps I Can't Live Without | Mark Schwanhausser

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Mark Schwanhausser is an analyst at Javelin Strategy and Research and studies trends in online banking. Here are the apps that he loves on his iPhone 4S and iPad.

Pageonce — "You may be familiar with Mint, but in many cases PageOnce is already more mobile, and has surpassed Mint in my estimation. Mint will let you take a look at what your accounts are doing to the aggregation. PageOne will let you do that too, but you can also pay bills."

  Flipboard — "Flipboard is really useful, particularly on the tablet, to see all of my Facebook and Twitter and news aggregation all put in one place. It makes it so much simpler for someone who’s tired of looking at a computer to sit on the sofa, to sit in bed and read and catch up on friends and shoot notes and post photos in a magazine format.”

  TripIt — "I use TripIt to keep track of my trips and the like."