Commission Accomplished?

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Democratic-controlled House plans to adopt the final 9/11 Commission proposals. The proposals would change the formula for Homeland Security funding, but what will it mean for New York? Also: neocon scholar Robert Kagan makes the case for a troop surge in Iraq.

Commission Accomplished?

Richard Ben-Veniste, member of the 9/11 Commission and former chief of the Watergate Task Force of the Watergate Special Prosecutor's Office from 1973 to 1975, member of the Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Interagency Working Group Roster
- on the 9/11 Commission ...


Baby's First Controversy

Jason Sperber, co-founder and coordinator of the group blog by Asian American dads, Rice Daddies, and has his own blog at daddyinastrangeland.com, and writes for antiracistparent.com--and the father of a 2-year-old daughter
- talks about the Toys R Us debacle over the first New ...


Daddy Dearest

Neal Pollack, author, Alternadad (Pantheon Books 2006)
- talks about being a father who refuses to grow up

Alternadad is available for purchase at Amazon.com


Risk Assessment

Robert Kagan, senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, project director at the Project for a New American Century and author, Dangerous Nations (Knopf 2006)
- talks about American foreign policy in the post 9/11 world

Dangerous Nation is available for purchase at


Open Phones: Crime and Property Values

- Listener calls on whether they're in denial about crime in their expensive neighborhoods


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