Cuomo Tells Lawmakers ‘Do the People's Business’ Before Pay Raise

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Governor Andrew Cuomo says before state legislators ask him for a pay hike, as is expected after the election, they’ll first have to make progress on some unfinished business from the last legislative session.  

Cuomo says he’s seeking action on increasing the minimum wage, reforming New York City’s stop-and-frisk laws and decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana.

“The concept of a pay raise is ‘Well, the legislature’s really done a good job,’” Cuomo said. But the governor added that means lawmakers would then have to “perform well.”

“To perform well means, in my book, to do the people’s business,” he said. 

Cuomo is not ruling out a pay hike. In the past he’s said that his commissioners need a raise. He also said the relatively low pay has been a barrier to hiring quality people.