#3388: With Cellist Maya Beiser

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There’s a new collaborative album of music by Michael Harrison for cellist Maya Beiser, called “Time Loops,” and for this New Sounds, the innovative cellist joins us in the studio to present selections from the record.  “Michael’s music is perfect for our times,” states Maya Beiser. “It’s architectural and precise, yet exhilarating and beautiful. It draws on music from ancient Greece and the Renaissance, Indian ragas and minimalism.” That, and more.

PROGRAM #3388, with Maya Beiser (First aired 10/16/2012)





Michael Harrison, feat. Maya Beiser

Time Loops

Michael Harrison: Just Ancient Loops
I. Genesis [10:08]
II. Chorale [5:38]
III. Ascension [8:38]

Cantaloupe Music CA21086


Michael Harrison, just intonation piano
Maya Beiser, cello

Time Loops

Arvo Pärt: Spiegel im Spiegel [9:42]

See above.

Maya Beiser

Almost Human

Eve Beglarian: I Am Writing to you From a Far-Off Country , Five [3:26]

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