National Guard Promotion for Driver Killed by NYPD

His commander has announced a posthumous promotion for an Army National Guardsman shot to death by New York City police.

Lt. Col. James Freehart read the proclamation Friday at the Queens funeral of 22-year-old Noel Polanco.

The Rev. Al Sharpton referenced the promotion in the eulogy. He said the Army has made Polanco a sergeant and God is giving him wings.

Polanco was unarmed when police pulled him over for a traffic violation on Oct. 4 near LaGuardia Airport.

A lawyer for the detective has said Polanco did not comply with orders to put his hands up and reached for something under his seat.

Polanco's front-seat passenger has disputed that account.

Polanco's mother, Cecilia Reyes, met with Queens District Attorney Richard Brown on Thursday.