VP Debate Preview

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nia-Malika Henderson, national political reporter for The Washington Post, previews the Vice Presidential debate tonight.

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Nia-Malika Henderson

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Mitch Horn from Bedford NY

I am sorry Bryan, you must call these people out on things like Romney's "Christian values" when he breaks a Top 10 Commandment, boldly lying to the American People and everyone, including the media, brushing it off to "Yea, he lied, but he did it with such style." and then the gentlemen who say's he got his vote since Romney came across Bi-Partisan? where have these people been for the last 4 years? the first year of the Presidents term was wholly spent trying to be Bi-Partisan with a congress whose sole mission was to make sure that if the President said the sky was blue, they would burn him in effegy screaming "That Man, is wrong it is Red!!!: ROmney's Eddie Haskell/Bill O'Reilly Bullying during the debate should be called what it is - Orwellian Drivle - with the GOP Laughing at the populace all the way to the bank.

Oct. 11 2012 08:19 PM
Concerned Citizen from New York City

The question is not what Obama did in the last four years to create jobs but what did Romney do in the last four years to create jobs. He's the one who wants the president’s job and claims he knows how to create jobs. He claims that Obama doesn't know how to improve the economy and that he, Romney, does.

The economy was fine twelve years ago and everybody was making money in the stock market. Back then Romney, the financial genius, was slicing and dicing companies riding high on the wave of the booming Clinton economy. When the Republicans won the White House in 2000 and the economy started to go South, Romney the smart investor the he was, decided to sit out the decline. Now he's back criticizing the current president for not creating jobs. His solution is to cut taxes and deregulate. Then he says that the government doesn't create jobs the private sector does. Well he is the private sector now and for the past twelve years. What has this man, who claims to love America and wants to help the working class find jobs, done in the private sector. This is the reason I wanted to see his tax records for the past decade because that would be irrefutable proof of his private sector domestic job creation. I want to see how he operates in an adverse economic environment like Obama has for the past four years. I’ll bet Romney is “all hat and no cattle”.

Why should we replace the man who has actually helped people keep their jobs with a man who might have but didn't even try.

Oct. 11 2012 12:42 PM
Xtina from E. Village

Brian Lehrer to moderate the next Presidential debate! What will it take? Brian hasn't been to any weddings of the powerful has he?


Oct. 11 2012 12:31 PM
Edward from Washington Heights AKA pretentious Hudson Heights

I would ask crazy uncle Joe Biden what mistakes did Obama make in his first term and what changes does he have for his second term.

Ask whether Biden believes that the latest unemployment rate of 7.8% accurately reflects the percentage of people who are employed earning salaries that match what they earned before the economic crash.

Ask why Main Street has so many empty storefronts.

Ask whether the Islamic Republic of Iran is a danger considering all the genocidal speeches made by Ahmadinjihad, and should Iran be permitted to develop nuclear weapons.

Why is the price of gasoline double what it was in 2009 and what would a second Obama term do to bring the price of gas down and lessen the US dependence on oil from the Middle East and why those plans weren't executed in the past four years.

I hope Biden doesn't break his hip on stage tonight.

Oct. 11 2012 11:28 AM
Concerned Citizen from New York City

Romney was able to create jobs back in the late 90's thanks to Bill Clinton's robust economy but what jobs has he created since Bill Clinton left office? If he knows how to create jobs why hasn't he created any in the last four years? Has he tried?

Obama, on the other hand saved hundreds of thousands of jobs in automobile manufacturing, their suppliers and support services with his bailout of the Auto Industry. He has saved thousands of jobs in the banking and finance industries and made it possible to obtain consumer and commercial credit with the bailout of the banks. He has saved the jobs of thousands of municipal and state workers with the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA Stimulus) including mine.

Why on earth would we want to replace him with "God knows what" Romney.

My biggest fear is the "Romney Crash".

Ronald Reagan, the old sleepy bank guard, gave us the "Crash of 1987" after he threw the doors to the bank vaults open via wild, reckless deregulation. Bill Clinton revived the economy for eight years followed by Bush 43 who gave us the "Crash of 2008". Barack Obama is in the process of trying to revive the economy now. With a Romney presidency we can reasonably predict, because of the wild reckless deregulation he promises the "Romney Crash". I say let’s skip the Romney Crash and rebuild the economy in a sustainable way. I think Americans should opt to get their pants back on be for the Republicans rape, pillage and lute once again.

Oct. 11 2012 11:02 AM

@CK from Yorktown

Obama and the democrats tell the truth or are rated as mostly true slightly less than three-quarters of the time. (72%)

Romney and GOP tell the truth (or mostly true) more than half the time. (57%)

They both lie too much but one clearly lies more than the other.


Oct. 11 2012 10:37 AM
Roger from New York

There is a great deal to criticize in the performance of both Lehrer and Obama in that first debate. They both failed to execute their roles - one for not managing the flow and making sure the issues were covered, and the other for not confronting Romney (and not bringing up the 47%, the auto industry, etc.). And,yes, many politicans of all stripes bend the truth, but Romney's performance set a new low standard. It's hard to say whether the clear, verifiable falsehoods were worse or the fact that Romney again -as he has throughout his career - changed his positions to fit the moment. There is flip-flopping, but now there is a new level - "Mitt-flopping."

Oct. 11 2012 10:32 AM

Two points. First of all, everyone seems to have forgotten about just how bad things were in 2008. Virtually every economist in the world agreed that we were on the brink of a financial collapse of the scale of the Great Depression. Did everyone forget this? Biden needs to remind people of how bad things were and emphasize that it was Republican policies that got us into that situation. The amount of improvement between 2008 and today cannot be understated.

Second point. I'm quite scared. Biden is going to provide lots of material of the late night comedians.

Oct. 11 2012 10:32 AM


>>The current admin is as warlike as Bush was...its just that the left stopped caring.

Pulling all US troops out of Iraq versus convincing the country of the lies that started the war and sending them in make the Obama admin as warlike as Bush? What stretch of logic do you use to make that true? The Left hasn't stopped caring. We didn't belong in Iraq in the first place and we need to leave Afghanistan but we need to have enough surveillance in place to ensure that al Qaeda cannot resurrect itself there. We'll be watching forever.

Oct. 11 2012 10:28 AM
dorothy from Manhattan

Isn't it a Town Hall type of "debate"? If yes, Raditz won't ask any questions. And she won't even get to pick the questioners -- Instructions will be through her headphones. The director will tell her who should get the mike. That's how Carol Simpson described it (on one of the WNYC programs). (Funny how the programs start to run together after a time -- I need more music in my life and so I'm changing stations right now.)

Oct. 11 2012 10:28 AM
Maxwell Q. James

One thing that no one seems to be mentioning is the fact that Karl Rove and his minions have raised tremendous amounts of money for Romney. This along with the involvement of Reed, Gillespy and 15 or so former Bush aides should pretty much show everyone where a Romney administration would be headed - Bush Redux. So if Ryan brings up the allegation that the President can't keep blaming his predecesso for the mess he inherited, these facts should be pointed out.

Oct. 11 2012 10:27 AM

The moderator should be able to turn off a candidate's microphone when "time's up"

Oct. 11 2012 10:25 AM

romney's going into iran. obama wont

Oct. 11 2012 10:24 AM
RJ from prospect hts

Biden should use gentle, noncondescending humor to point out the Ryan points disconnects and his lack of international experience, and his inability to be prez in the event. And stay downhome + experienced Joe.

Oct. 11 2012 10:24 AM

Listen CAREFULLY to the rules of the debate...The Obama prep team apparently DID NOT or the President would have understood that it was HIS debate role to challenge Romney on his back-pedaling, inconsistencies and flip-flops.

It wasn't Jim Lehrer's job to myth-bust Romney's whoppers. And since the President didn't do it on the stage, the GOP position has been 'All they do is bash us...What is their plan for going forward?". Gimme a break...

Romney and the GOP are flooding the gate with lies and half-truths in hopes of swaying the undecided voter that Romney is actually a closet moderate. My foot.

Oct. 11 2012 10:21 AM

the banking system is profitable again...when wasn't it?

The current admin is as warlike as Bush was...its just that the left stopped caring.

Oct. 11 2012 10:20 AM
CK from Yorktown

They're politicians. They all lie. That one group thinks the other side is deceitful and their "team" isn't is sad. Listen with your ears open. They both tell very tall tales.

Oct. 11 2012 10:17 AM
carl from queens

my advice to v.p. biden is to dress in vibrant colors... do not dress like an undertaker, like your boss does.... also, take a large dose of phosphatidyl-serine...

Oct. 11 2012 10:16 AM
Roger from New York

The key for tonight's debate is whether Ryan's extreme positions will be exposed by Biden, critically important following the failure in the first Presidential debate to challenge Romney's distortions, falsehoods and outright contradictions with his stated positions. Ryan is extremely vulnerable on many fronts. Among them are hypocrisy, for claiming to be alarmed by the deficit when he voted for all of George W.'s deficit-creating programs. An economic proposal which delivers outrageous tax subsidies to the wealthy while stripping support for the poor, elderly and sick. And Ryan's extreme views on reproductive rights and "personhood."

Oct. 11 2012 10:16 AM
Not A Fan

I think Biden should definitely be Biden ... and show the world what an idiot he really is.

Oct. 11 2012 10:12 AM

How is Ryan "really good with numbers"?! He is a pathological liar. He can't even get the numbers right on his own running.

Oct. 11 2012 10:12 AM
CK from Yorktown

Anthony: the point is, she's biased. If it was the other way around (Mitt attended her wedding) would you think she was biased to the Republicans? I can't believe that this was the only woman capable of moderating.

Oct. 11 2012 10:11 AM
Tom Pinch

Unemployment claims dropped more than expected this week... again. We're on the right track - why would be go back to what got us into this place???

Oct. 11 2012 10:08 AM
Chevy Slyme

What are the chances that Martha will repeat Lehrer's big, big mistake: letting them repeat themselves while not covering enough issues on the predetermined topic???

Oct. 11 2012 10:06 AM
Anthony Chuzzlewit

yes, we all know that BO attended Martha's wedding. And your point is????

Oct. 11 2012 10:03 AM
Ron Sanecki

Joe, rip his lungs out!

Oct. 11 2012 09:58 AM
Martin Chuzzlewit from Manhattan

Please ask your guest about the expectations of more bias from the media on this one....especially the highly partisan attack dog "moderator" Martha Raddatz, who has known barry obama for over 20 fact, Barry attended her wedding in 1991.
Didn't know that?
The mainstream media forgot to mention that.....LOL, too busy "fact-checking" Romney.

Will Paul Ryan be debating senile Joe .... or the host?
Every detail matters here.

"Raddatz's Obama connection a conflict of interest?"

Oct. 11 2012 07:44 AM

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