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Romney Taps Christie to Headline in Battleground State of Ohio

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Gov. Christ Christie is campaigning with GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney in the battleground state of Ohio. Mark Urycki, a reporter for WKSU in Kent, OH, attended one of the Christie - Romney events and talks with WNYC's Amy Eddings about whether the New Jersey governor is delivering votes for Romney. Listen to the full interview above.

The Romney campaign has turned to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to headline at least five campaign events in 24 hours in the key battleground state of Ohio.

Christie's high-profile role on the national stage comes as polls show a tightening presidential campaign — although Obama still has a slight edge in the Buckeye State.

Christie riled up a crowd of several thousand Romney backers Tuesday night outside of Cleveland, taking Obama to task for his remarks last month that “you can’t change Washington from the inside.”

"If you can't change Washington from inside the White House, then let’s get you the plane ticket back to Chicago you’ve earned," Christie told the large crowd.

Christie has two more event Wednesday before he gets back for a New Jersey town hall in Burlington County.