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A Room With A View: Discovering Columbus Exhibit at Columbus Circle

One hundred and twenty years after it was erected, the landmark statue of Christopher Columbus in Columbus Circle has found a new home of sorts.

Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi erected a living room around the 13-foot-statue that is perched six stories above Columbus Circle — complete with sofas, a big-screen TV (set to CNN) and fabulous views of the city.

The exhibit appears to be a hit: as of Monday, 80,000 passes to the exhibit will have been reserved for the art installation.

WNYC’s Arun Venugopal spent time at the exhibit talking to visitors. For many of them, Columbus is and will always be a heroic figure. But others had mixed feelings about his role as a colonizer who enslaved Native Americans.

For some Italian-Americans, there has been concern that the exhibit fails to address the bigotry faced by their community when the statue was built.

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