John Cage: City Circus, Program V

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Airs 8PM, Wednesday, 10/10 on the Q2 Music stream.
For this show, the fifth in the John Cage: City Circus series, hear words and music by John Cage. From an entire program of "Singing Through John Cage," recorded live at Central Park Summerstage in July of 1992, just a month before Cage died that August, vocalist Joan La Barbara performs Cage's setting of a text by e.e. cummings. Also, the Dutch ensemble The Barton Workshop performs Cage's "Music for Six," where each player is an individual, reacting personally to pitches in a time frame and not to one another.

Plus, hear a piece by John Free, "A Conversation with John Cage." where Cage lectures and radio broadcasts are cut up, juxtaposed and turned against themselves, and augmented by feedback and other computer processing.

PROGRAM #        1052, John Cage/Citycircus, Program V  (First aired on 6/08/1994)                                                             





Joan LaBarbara    

live, Central Park, 1992

Forever and Sunsmell [5:30]

This performance not commercially available.  One exists on the record, “Joan La Barbara Singing Through John Cage," on New Albion records, NA035
Available at 

Thomas Georgi & Julie Haynes      

live, Woodstock, 1979

6 Melodies for Violin & Piano [10:30]


This performance not commercially available. 

Various Artists

The Devil's Staircase - Composers and Chaos                              

John Free:"A Conversation with John Cage [12:00]

Soundprints #SP9302

The Barton Workshop

Plays John Cage   

Music for Six [19:00]

Et Cetera #KTC 3002
Available at,, iTunes.