Group That Won Discrimination Suit Against FDNY Eyes Back Pay

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The Vulcan Society, the group that brought a discrimination suit against the FDNY, is now turning its attention to back pay.

A federal judge is holding hearings this week on a court order, which finds the city could owe up to $128 million in back pay to Black and Latino candidates who took the 1999 and 2002 FDNY entrance exams.

Darius Charney, who represents the Vulcan Society, says the payouts under the judge’s order will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

“Each individual person who files a claim for money is going to have to be investigated to figure out whether their damages should be reduced, you know, based on the fact that they did work in the interim,” he said, but added other factors will also help determine possible pay outs.

The judge's decision could affect pay outs for minority candidates the Vulcan Society contends were not hired based on the FDNY exams, which were deemed discriminatory. The Vulcan Society has already won the discrimination suit against the FDNY.

Last week, a federal judge cleared the way for the FDNY to begin hiring new firefighters.