What’s the Matter with White People

Monday, October 01, 2012

MSNBC political analyst and Salon columnist Joan Walsh looks at the cause and effects of the rise of divisive politics over the last 40 years in this country. In What’s the Matter with White People she makes the case that changes unleashed in the 1960s pitted Americans against one another politically in new and destructive ways—while economically, everyone fell behind except the wealthy.


Joan Walsh

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glorkohl from Glen Ridge, NJ, the reason for prices spinning out of control is because of what Peter F from Washington Heights erroneously believes is an accomplishment of Nixon's: taking the US off the gold standard.

And the Banksters who control the Fed have been printing up more and more money for the last four decades that continues to erode the purchasing power of our currency.

What a $1.00 could buy you in 1971 can only buy 18¢ worth of goods today.


"Great" accomplishment, Tricky Dick (at least for the Banksters)!


Oct. 01 2012 02:12 PM
glorkohl from Glen Ridge, NJ

We did indeed have a golden age in the 1960's. On one man's salary in a manufacturing job my father and my friend's fathers were able to buy new homes, send us to parochial school, afford new cars and vacations, save for college and have decent savings, while our mothers all stayed home.
Most moms, who supervised the family budgets, emphasized very minimal debt and maximum savings. My own Dad never came home with a paycheck that did not have a Savings Bond deducted from it.

In 1972 it came to an abrupt end with prices spinning out of control, boycotts of meat (over pricing) and all the mothers had to go to work simply to amke ends meet. Everything and I do mean everything changed. We will never return- to that golden age which provided
magnificent childhoods the likes of which will never be seen again regardless of wealth-but also we will never catch up to what we used to be.

Oct. 01 2012 01:23 PM

What does the word "literally" mean and why do so many stupid people use it all the time? Just sayin', Ms. Walsh. Totally....like.

Oct. 01 2012 01:02 PM
DarkSymbolist from NYC!

...and Clinton essentialy WAS a Republican president in practice, whether he likes that label or not

Oct. 01 2012 12:38 PM
DarkSymbolist from NYC!

Leonard, it's not the Repiglican move to the extreme radical right that pushed the Democrats to the middle...it was the cowardice of the Democrats themselves that pushed them to the middle.

Oct. 01 2012 12:36 PM

Walsh's love of Clinton is a perfect example of the piecemeal inconsistency of contemporary 'liberals.'

More than any other president, Clinton (with Summers, Rubin, etc.) deserves responsibility for giving us the housing bubble and the subsequent financial crisis.

Clinton was terrible on foreign policy. He was deeply anti-labor. And he gave us the first round of what is now a 20-year assault on public schooling. He shot down _Hilary Clinton's_ initial proposal for a single payer healthcare system. He was weak on the environment.

Oct. 01 2012 12:33 PM
Peter F from Washington Heights

I feel that Richard Nixon was one of the better US Presidents in the latter 20th century. Despite his moral bankruptcy and the whole Watergate/dirty tricks crisis, he accomplished so much with a Democractic-controlled Congress. The EPA, wage and price controls, taking the US off the gold standard, opening the door to China, detente with the USSR, actively trying to end the Vietnam War (albeit with escalating it for years and bombing Cambodia), tax reform, etc.

He wouldn't be allowed in the GOP today. He'd be too liberal.

Oct. 01 2012 12:31 PM
Mike from Inwood

"The peak of the Left in Europe came in the decade or so after World War 2, when huge numbers were recovering from the experience of the most extreme form of alienation that history has offered in the past 100 years — the Nazi occupation. in the 1950s, membership in the French communist party numbered in the _millions_."

Hugh, She's talking about the US. Didn't you catch that? She's talking about the election of 1968 and the Democratic convention in Chicago.

Oct. 01 2012 12:29 PM
Mike from Inwood

Ms. Walsh just said that the country is 62% white to make her point. According the the 2010 US census, the country is 72.4% white.

Oct. 01 2012 12:26 PM
John A

Anything to get the current Republican Party to reform... It's necessary.
Most people date the scism(?) at 1980 or 1993, but anyway...

Oct. 01 2012 12:25 PM

I disagree strongly with the glimpses of Joan Walsh's view of history that we are getting.

1. "The Left tore the part apart in 1968"? . . . Majority opinion was with "the Left" against the war in 1968. The party establishment excluded that majority opinion at the 68 Convention with the outcomes that are known to any who know history.

2. The peak of the Left in Europe came in the decade or so after World War 2, when huge numbers were recovering from the experience of the most extreme form of alienation that history has offered in the past 100 years — the Nazi occupation. in the 1950s, membership in the French communist party numbered in the _millions_.

3. Walsh earlier easily lumped together communism and fascism — just a mistake from a historical standpoint. Yes, Stalin and Pol Pot were fascists, but that does not make for a necessary connection between the two.

4. So far, Walsh has made _no_ mention of deeply anti-liberal strands in FDR and JFK. LBJ was significantly more liberal than JFK on racial and economic issues. Remember the The Great Society.

Oct. 01 2012 12:23 PM
Juli from Skillman, NJ

Bite Your tongue!! He will win!!

Oct. 01 2012 12:22 PM
Gabriel from WNYC

How much of what you are talking about is caused by Bulwarism?

Oct. 01 2012 12:20 PM

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