New Releases, September 2012


It's the most wonderful time of the month - the showcasing of new releases! On this New Sounds program, listen to the pick of the piles. Hear new music from piano trio the Bad Plus, and a new recording of "Einstein on the Beach" by Philip Glass.  Perhaps there will also Albanian folk songs arranged for jazz-ish quartet, and some ambient music.  That, and more.

PROGRAM #        3384, September 2012 New Releases   (First aired on 9/28/2012)                                                 





Elina Duni Quartet

Matane Malit

Ra kambana, excerpt [1:00]

ECM 2277

Philip Glass / Robert Wilson

Einstein on the Beach highlights (recorded 1984 at BAM)

Act I, Scene I: Train [6:15]

Orange Mountain Music OMM 0082

Marco Benevento

Tiger Face

Eagle Rock [5:27]

Royal Potato Family

The Bad Plus

Made Possible

for my eyes only [5:21]

EOM CD 2392



Når det regne på presten dryp det på klokkarn [6:36]


Elina Duni Quartet

Matane Malit

Ra kambana [4:14]

ECM 2277

Diabel Cissokho

Kanabory Siyama

Miniyamba (Mandinka) [3:25]

World Village
Due out October 9, 2012

Rabih Abou-Khalil  

Hungry People

Shrilling Chicken [4:14]

World Village
Due out  October 22, 2012 

Paul Corley


Dialogue & Passing Judgment , excerpt [1:00]

Bedroom Community HVAL UR15

So Percussion & Grey McMurray

Where (we) Live

This Place the Place [3:06]

Cantaloupe Music CA 21087

Paul Corley


Dialogue & Passing Judgment, excerpt [5:23]

See above.