Takeaway Listeners Respond to Education Series

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Takeaway listeners from Vancouver to New Jersey have been responding to this week's series on education with stories about their favorite educators, testimonials about their own schools, and observations about public education in the United States.

One listener from Oregon spoke about her first grade teacher, and the love of learning that she instilled in her: "When I finished my master's degree, I walked over to her home and knocked on the door, reintroduced myself after all of those years of not seeing her, and told her how she inspired me to pursue my education."

Another listener, this one from Vancouver, wished she had done the same. One of her teachers in high school called her after class one day, and asked what her plans were for college. "She told me, you are too bright not to go to school," the listener says. "I, thanks to her, had a life that I never dreamed that I would ever have."   

In addition to calls from students, we also received calls from teachers. "Schools are a middle class institution, and need the support of the home in order to be successful," a teacher from New Jersey pointed out. "That's the reason that urban schools and suburban schools are so vastly different, and talking about them in the same conversation is like comparing apples to grenades. It simply can't be done."