Bloomberg Say Bronx DA Should Review Policy Change

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg came out strongly against Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson’s decision to limit prosecutions of people arrested for trespassing in public housing or in selected private buildings.

“If you want to bring crime back to New York, this is probably a good way to do it,” the mayor said Thursday at a press conference in Staten Island.

It comes one day after it was revealed that the Bronx District Attorney’s Office will only pursue trespassing cases when the police officer who makes the arrest agrees to be interviewed by prosecutors to ensure the arrest is warranted.

Civil liberty groups believe the decision will reduce the number of improper arrests stemming from the NYPD's stop-and-frisk policy.

But Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD deny the allegation.

“In terms of the allegations that, in public housing, some of the cops have stopped people without having any justification, we’ve been unable to get one example from any of the people that have complained.” Mayor Bloomberg said. “I think the District Attorney should take another look at what he’s doing.”