Cuomo to Host Beer and Wine Summit

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First it was yogurt, now comes beer and wine. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is looking to help the state’s beer and wine industry by holding a summit this fall.

Gov. Cuomo has announced plans for a beer and wine summit at the Capitol in October to help improve business opportunities for the state’s wineries and craft breweries.

The announcement follows a yogurt summit held in August. The governor says the meeting will “force” numerous discussions between wineries and craft brewery business owners and his administration to help promote the industries and boost tourism.  

“The wine industry in New York is very important,” Cuomo said. “It’s a big tourism engine for us.”

Some have pressed for the sale of wine in grocery stores,  but Cuomo says he remains opposed to that.

The governor and his aides say they have not yet completed action on an announcement made at the summer yogurt summit. They said at the time that they would ease environmental regulations so that dairy farmers could own more cows. They say the rule change is coming soon.