Cuomo Offers Support to GOP State Senator Who Lost Primary

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has crossed party lines and offered a political endorsement to Republican Senator Roy McDonald, who lost a primary this month after voting to support same sex marriage.

Cuomo, in a letter released by his staff, tells Senator McDonald that it’s “evident” that he “paid a price” for his convictions after McDonald agreed to be one of four Republican votes in the Senate to ensure passage of Cuomo’s gay marriage bill.  In the letter, the governor lamented what he described as the “disproportionate power of the political extremists.”

The governor wrote that McDonald “should not be left to stand alone now.”  Cuomo says if McDonald decides to run on the Independence line, where he is still on the ballot, in November then he would have the governor’s “full endorsement”. 

But Cuomo admitted he doesn’t know if a candidacy on the Independence line would be “even viable.” McDonald would face Republican primary winner Kathy Marchione, who is backed by the local GOP, and Democrat Robin Andrews.  

The governor added, “If you choose not to run and to unify your party, I respect and understand that choice as well.”

McDonald, who represents Rensselaer and Saratoga, is facing pressure from Republicans to drop out. He has not yet announced what he will do.


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