Three Apps I Can't Live Without | Jonathan Bowles

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· by WNYC

Jonathan Bowles is the executive director of the Center for an Urban Future in New York.

Twitter — "I tweet from the Center for an Urban Future. So if I’m at a forum and I’m speaking or I hear someone say something interesting and I want to tweet about it, there’s an opportunity. Sometimes when I just want to update what an organization is doing or make a comment about an article that’s relevant and people will find interesting."

Google Maps — "Google Maps is very helpful in a place like New York."

RideJumper — "I live in Forest Hills, Queens. I take the LIRR to Penn Station and just on the subway from there. It makes my commute a lot easier because I’ve got a couple of kids at home, so it shaves about 45 minutes off my commute to take the LIRR. It’s like one stop from Forest Hills to Penn Station and so I have something called Ride Jumper that tells me when the next LIRR is."