'Have-A Banana': Your Calls On 'Hava Nagila'

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Earlier this week, we aired an interview with Museum of Jewish Heritage curator Melissa Martens about the song "Hava Nagila." Martens told us about the song's origins as a "nigun" (a Jewish wordless melody), how it earned its reputation as a party song, and how it's been adapted by different cultures over time. Heck, host John Schaefer even sipped on a "Hava Tequila."

We asked our listeners to share thoughts on "Hava Nagila," and as it turns out, you all not only had a lot to say about the song, you had a little bit to sing about it as well. 


Listener Sylvia, from Morningside Heights left us this voicemail about the New York Yankees' use of "Hava Nagila" for player Dave Winfield: 


Steve, from Manhattan, gives us some new background information about Harry Belafonte's version of the "Hava Nagila," and shares his own personal favorite version of the song


John, from Brooklyn serenaded us with the version of the "Hava Nagila" that he grew up with -- "Have-A Banana": 

And an anonymous caller also pointed out a rather unique version of the song from Bob Dylan: