City Council Says NYPD Should Be Spared from Mid-Year Cuts

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As the mid-year budget cut dance begins, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and other council members want to see at least one department protected: The NYPD.

Quinn said given the level of the current patrol strength and the increase in some crime categories, the NYPD should be exempt from the mid-year budget cuts.

The mayor's proposed cuts to the police department are smaller than cuts to most other city agencies, but Quinn doesn’t think that’s enough.

“That will be on the top of the list,” she said, as the City Council and the mayor begin mid-year budget cut negotiations.

Quinn says she and her colleagues have previously spoken out against proposed cuts to the police department, and had success in either decreasing or eliminating them.

Only the Department of Education is required to undergo a smaller cut than public safety agencies for the 2013 fiscal year.

The city sent out a memo on September 14 saying the city is facing a budget gap and is seeking $2 billion – or 2.7 percent – in savings for the next year and a half.

Johanna Mayer contributed reporting.