Guest Picks: Volker Schlondorff

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Filmmaker Volker Schlöndorff was on the Lopate Show recently to talk about a new director's cut of his film, "The Tin Drum," as well as a new documentary, featuring conversations with director Billy Wilder. He also told us what his favorite comfort food is. (We were not exactly surprised.)

What have you read or seen over the past year that moved or surprised you?

          The Hare with Amber Eyes, a fabulous book where I discovered the true role model for Proust’s Charles Swann. Had I known it before, Jeremy Irons would’ve spoken French with a Russian accent in my Swann in Love.


What are you listening to right now?

          Janáček’s 1st and 2nd violin sonatas.


What’s the last great book you read?

          See above, plus Saul Bellow’s Mr. Sammler’s Planet and other novels in one volume of American classics.


What’s one thing you’re a fan of that people might not expect?

          Zany comedies – early Steve Martin.


What’s your favorite comfort food?

          Bavarian wurst (sausages).