Building NYC's New Districts

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Proposed New City Council Districts as of September 2012

The process is underway to redraw the New York City Council district map. Carl Hum, Executive Director of the NYC Districting Commission, discusses the every-ten-year process and how the public can provide input into the changes.

Resources: Redistricting Commission Home | Current and Proposed Maps (PDFs) | Create Your Own Map for Review

Explore the Changing District Maps | Map via CUNY Center for Urban Research

The map below shows the current and proposed districts for WNYC's address in Hudson Square. Move your mouse to an address to find out how a district may change. Visit the CUNY mapping center for more ways to explore the data.

What do you notice in the map below? Will your district change under the proposed new lines? What would you recommend to the Districting Commission? Let us know in the comments!