Bloomberg Thinks NYC Should Have a Walmart

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Walmart, the world's largest retailer, is having a tough time opening its first store in the city. That’s not sitting well with Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

“A company that sells products that, if they're not here, our citizens go over to New Jersey, out to Nassau County, up to Westchester and into Connecticut to buy at Walmarts there,” Bloomberg said. “I fail to see how we benefit for this.”

The mayor spoke Wednesday morning after Wal-Mart decided to abandon its efforts to open a store in East New York, Brooklyn, on Friday. He said it would have brought much needed jobs to the city.

Union-backed groups and some elected officials had opposed opening a Wal-Mart at that location.

Shop-Rite has reportedly signed an agreement to open a supermarket there instead. The grocery chain uses union labor, unlike Walmart.

A United Food and Commercial Workers Union spokesman says if a ShopRite opens in East New York, it will create 1,300 jobs.

Walmart said it is examining other opportunities across the five boroughs.