Balkan (Brass) Band Battle/Party


It’s a Balkan Brass Battle Royale on this New Sounds between two of the best Balkan Brass bands - Boban I Marko Markovic Orchestra from Serbia, along with Fanfare Ciocarlia from Romania.  Fresh from a worldwide tour, listen to these two notorious outfits blow each other away, and play nicely together on a few tracks as well.  More is just better!

We’ll also hear collaborative works by the two heavyweights; Fanfare Ciocarlia with the Queen of the Gypsies, Esma Redzepova, and Boban Markovic together with Frank London’s Klezmer Brass All-Stars. Plus, hear the Kocani Orkestar from Macedonia with L’Orient Est Rouge (the East is Red) and the cosmopolitan Sandy Lopicic Orchestar from Slovenia doing “Cocek” from their record, “Balkea.”  And much more.

PROGRAM #3217, Balkan Dance Party / Balkan Brass Battle  (First aired on 6/21/11)                                                       





Fanfare Ciocarlia versus Boban & Marko Marković Orchestra

Balkan Brass Battle

Devla, excerpt [2:00]

Asphalt Tango ATR 2911


Kocani Orkestar

L’Orient Est Rouge

L'Orient est Rouge [6:07]

Crammed Discs #craw19

Sandy Lopicic Orkestar


Cocek 4 [5:18]

Network 26259

Fanfare Ciocarlia feat. Esma Redzepova

Queens and Kings

Ibrahim [3:06]

ATR 1207

Frank London & the Klezmer Brass All-Stars and Boban I Marko Markovic Orchestra

Brotherhood of Brass

Freylekhs/Cocek #5 [5:21]

Piranha PIR1683

Fanfare Ciocarlia versus Boban & Marko Marković Orchestra

Balkan Brass Battle

Asfalt Tango [5:14]

See above.

Zlatne Uste Blakan Brass Band

In The Center of the Village

Caje Sukarije [3:29]

Azalea City #9903 *,
info about the band at

Mahala Rai Banda

Rough Guide to Music of Balkan Gypsies

Mahalageasca [4:06]

RGNET 1159
World Music Network

Taraf de Haidouks

Taraf de Haidouks

Turceasca [6:09

Nonesuch 79554

Luminiscent Orchestrii

Neptune’s Daughter

Jarba (Boyash Gypsies) [4:05]

Nine Mile Records 0190

Balkan Beat Box

Blue Eyed Black Boy

Buhala, excerpt [2:30]

Nat Geo Music NGM 05