Soundcheck Returns Tonight At 9 P.M. ET!

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Soundcheck re-launches today in our new evening timeslot, 9 p.m. ET -- complete with a new logo, a new theme song (thanks, Marco Benevento!), and a new website, already chock full of podcasts, videos, and lots of other stuff you might have missed if you weren’t following us during the summer.

The new Soundcheck still has the live performances and conversations that defined our first 10 years, but our expanded digital programming gives us the chance to add a lot more. Check out Tough Critics, a video series wherein three fifth-graders give us the unvarnished truth about some of this year’s otherwise critically-acclaimed albums. We have curated playlists (did you know that people are still writing songs about Amelia Earhart?), and found a surprising number of musicians willing to sit down and drink beer with me. On the air. 

So this version of Soundcheck will really extend well beyond our single hour per evening on the radio;  the website,, will be a place where music lovers can check out new releases, download free songs, and, perhaps most important, start our on-air segments with comments and questions. 

We will also be taking the show on the road, including a three-night series of free events at the World Financial Center’s Winter Garden in lower Manhattan. From October 23 to 25, you’ll hear everything from indie rock to Afropop to the Brooklyn Phil playing with a steel drum band. 

It all starts this week, with some major figures in both music and literature stopping by. Grizzly Bear, Patti Smith, and the reunited Ben Folds Five, for example. Plus we've got Pulitzer Prize-winning novelists Junot Diaz and Michael Chabon, the Twitter-busting band led by Amanda Palmer ("AFP" to her fans -- it’ll be fun to listen as she tries to explain on the radio what the "F" stands for).  

All that plus your comments, calls, and even jingles. So join us tonight, and every weeknight, at 9 p.m. ET. But don’t stop there! Visit us early and often, at