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60-Second Stir Fry: Selena Gonzalez and Ian Marvy, Red Hook Community Farm

I blame the last, lazy days of summer on this 120-Second Stir Fry.  Time slowed to a crawl with Selena Gonzalez and Ian Marvy of the Red Hook Community Farm as we discussed top "yums" and "yuks" in the vegetable world and favorite comfort foods.

It's always hard to put two people through the Stir Fry's paces, and harder, still, when my subjects ignore the heat of the hot seat to really THINK about their answers.  No thinking allowed, Ian and Selena!  You must have the Stir Fry confused with "Sixty Minutes."

Marvy got to thinking too much about his biggest vegetable "yuk," and ended up offering a rousing endorsement of all vegetables.  Really, Ian?  What about okra? Or lima beans?  He didn't have a problem with his biggest gardening "yuk" chore: picking rotten potatoes.

Gonzalez, a youth leader at the farm, impressed me with her choice of lemon sorrel as her veggie "yum."  That's a sophisticated palate.  

The answers got more involved when I started probing my guests' psychological sweet and shame spots.  Marvy described a complex comfort food of mashed potatoes, peas, tuna fish and cream that makes me want to devote an entire article to that dish.  It sounds vaguely like a tuna casserole my mom used to make of canned tuna fish, egg noodles, cream of mushroom soup, milk and crumbled potato chips.  I don't know why it tasted good, but it did.

Joining Marvy in the carbohydrate comfort camp, Gonzalez said her go-to pacifier is her mom's plantain lasagna.  It's called pastelon and here's a yummy-looking recipe for it at the blog Eats Well With Others.  Looking at the photos makes me ready for hot ovens and autumn.

Topping off our format-busting video is Marvy's and Gonzalez's description of the foods they're embarrassed to admit they eat.  Marvy is such a veggie cheerleader that I thought he would falter on this question, either telling me that no high fructose corn syrup or food coloring agents have ever passed his lips.  But then he said "Cheetos!" and I breathed a sigh of relief.  Gonzalez is a chocolate fanatic, and secretly covets double chocolate chip chocolate brownies while she's eating her lemon sorrel.