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Wild game is showing up on more and more restaurant menus these days. The editor-in-chief of Field and Stream had some cabin-to-condo tips on preparing venison.

It's kind of Michael Pollan meets Rambo: Foodies and locavores turning to hunting to satisfy their meat cravings.

Anthony Licata, editor-in-chief of Field and Stream, said that most of the buzz words surrounding meat these days --organic, local, humanely raised-- are nothing new for hunters.

And, in case you have a few sides of venison in your freezer right now, here's a tip from Field and Stream: venison is a very lean meat, so it either needs to be braised until tender, or seared and served a little rare.

And while Licata does not find venison gamey, he does have this warning: if your idea of eating on the wild side is a grilled chicken breast, maybe deer meat is not for you. Happy hunting!