Mayor Says Federal Government Falls Down on Jobs

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said cities have had to take economic matters into their own hands because the federal government hasn’t done enough to spur job creation.

Speaking in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, Bloomberg pilloried both Democrats and Republicans for what he says is a political crisis, caused by Washington's paralysis, that is standing in the way of a full national recovery.

“Both parties, and both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, have let us down,” Bloomberg said. “They have focused on generating headlines in the media, rather than generating headcount in the workplace. They have given us an economy that is shrinking our workforce rather than growing our future.”

The mayor said local politicians have done more to stimulate job growth since the financial meltdown of 2008 than other electeds. New York City has been able to gain back 200 percent of the jobs lost during that period through the creation of city-sponsored business incubators, infrastructure upgrades and commitment to diversifying the economy, according to Bloomberg.  

“Local elected officials are responsible for doing, not debating,” he said.