30 Issues: Educating for Tomorrow, America U.

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30 Issues in 30 Days is our election year series on the important issues facing the country this election year. Today: The future of American education at the postsecondary level. Visit the 30 Issue home page for all the conversations.

Open Prep: Questions, Articles, and Links to Get You Started

Key Questions

  • Is it the government's responsibility to keep college tuition low?
  • Is higher education the next bubble? Should it be regulated as such?
  • With so few college graduates finding jobs, what is the real value of a degree?
  • What kinds of degrees actually lead to jobs, and should government be promoting those areas?

What are your key questions on this topic? Post them below and get the conversation going!


30 Issues from the WNYC Data News Team

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Each Friday we'll be following up on one of that week's issues. Got a particular follow-up question from this conversation? Comment below or tweet us.