Open Phones: National Day of Service

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Since 2009, federal law recognizes September 11 as a National Day of Service and Remembrance. We'll take your calls about what kinds of services, volunteering, or ceremonies you take part in to remember the attacks of 9/11.

What do you do to recognize 9/11? Do you lead or participate in a group or family ceremony? Do you volunteer? Call 212-433-9692 with your traditions for September 11 -- or post here!

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Glork from Glen Ridge, NJ

Evidently, this is not a day of much service- other than to the "celebrity" 9/11 families, and I do not maean that in a disrespectful manner. In reality the greatest service that one can observe displayed today is the Chicago Teacher's Union upholding of America's finest value: greed at the expense of others, which is never out of style in here in the US. Since this day is not an official day of honor (My own teenagers are personally shocked that 9/11 was not designated as a National Day of Remembrance)it will fade from 'popularity' with time, sooner rather than later. Pearl Harbor, contrary to FDR's prediction, seems an apt parallel.

Sep. 11 2012 01:07 PM
Nick from UWS

Jesus Christ, for how many years will we be morbidly ripping open this wound, year after year after year? Can we not begin to let this horror drift into history, let time heal the hearts and minds of people, and go on to better things? What is this obsession with reading the names? Everybody knows people were killed, and if they want to know who it is readily available. For people claiming to be in pain, they sure make sure to remain immersed in it.

Sep. 11 2012 12:06 PM
RoseAnn from Washington Heights

I'll be phone banking with Marriage Equality USA, calling folks in Maryland and Maine to remind them to vote FOR marriage equality in their respective states, where they have referendums on the ballot. Equality is good for everyone.

Sep. 11 2012 11:52 AM
Daniel Volpe from Midtown

What inspires you to remain on the altruistic offensive while faced with so much opposition?

Sep. 11 2012 11:26 AM

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