Five Questions for Ben Sollee: DIY Edition

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Cellist and singer-songwriter Ben Sollee exudes a can-do attitude. Not only does he tour the country by bicycle (yes, instrument in tow), he also figured out his own unique way of playing the cello and raised the money for his latest album online. So we thought it'd be appropriate to ask him five questions tailored to his DIY ethic. 

The fanciest dish he's ever made himself? Not only is Ben Sollee capable of cooking a meal, he's also capable of making the actual plate on which it's served. "There's a wonderful pottery place in Kentucky -- Bybee Pottery. They make wonderful plates. You can select all the colors and stuff that you want." But in terms of the food that went on the plate, "I made my own pasta once, which was delicious. I made a linguine pasta, and then took some fresh local tomatoes from my wife's dad's house and cooked up a stew." And yes, he did serve it on his homemade plate. 

Favorite craft project? "Definitely decorating my bicycle. I love putting stuff in the spokes, finding custom ways for my son to ride on the bicycle." He also enjoys woodworking.

Biggest DIY fail? Fixing a lawnmower. "I turned it over on the side of a hill, and it just kept sliding down. That was a pretty epic fail." And, as John pointed out, a potentially career-ending one. 

Home improvement project that you're avoiding? "I've got some shelves in the bathroom that are waiting to be put up on the wall. And I need to build a shed."

One thing you should never DIY? Ben listed several things you shouldn't DIY, ranging from blood-giving to TV-building to relieving the pressure within your own head. We agree.