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Talk To Me: A Psychic Debates Jung's Sanity

Though many people claim to be skeptical of tarot card readers and psychics, The Rubin Museum takes an open-minded approach. In December, the institution invited psychic and tarot card reader Pattie Canova to participate in the Red Book Dialogues.

Canova spoke with analyst Ami Ronnberg, a curator for the Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism. Canova was as intuitive as Ronnberg was cerebral, which made for an interesting contrast in their exploration of the Red Book image. Both felt the image involved issues of sanity. Canova admitted that the image made her want to cry, and Ronnberg explained that Jung created it when he was starting to question his own sanity. As an added bonus, Canova offered everyone in the audience a card from the tarot deck and then gave a few people, chosen at random, on-the-spot readings.

WNYC’s “Talk to Me” series is featuring notable dialogues from the Red Book Dialogues.