Women as Moms-in-Chief at the National Conventions

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Conventional visions of women were at the heart of the Republican and Democratic national conventions, especially in the speeches given by Ann Romney and Michelle Obama.

The first lady and the Republican candidate's wife dazzled delegates and pundits alike when they used the lens of the family to make the case that their husbands should be president.

Both women were clearly speaking from the heart, but the experiences of each have been very different.
While Mitt Romney built a career in business and then politics, Ann stayed at home to raise their five sons. He was the breadwinner and she was the caretaker.

But family life was not as cut and dried in the Obama household. When Barack and Michelle first met, she was the high-powered lawyer and he was the community organizer and summer associate.

This week on WNYC's Money Talking, contributors Rana Foroohar and Joanne Lipman look at where women stand in the workplace in 2012 as moms-in-chief take center stage at the conventions.